Monday, May 30, 2011

To Drive or Not to Drive?

Many students in university LOVE the idea of having their own vehicles to drive. A vehicle offers convenience and the ability to get around without public transit.

However, when you own a vehicle, there are many things that you have to consider:
~The number of people who will be your "friends" so they can get a ride from you for free.

Having a vehicle could cost thousands of dollars per year. You have to ask yourself "Is the convenience and comfort of having my own vehicle worth the price?" If you say "Yes", then more power to you.

Realistically though, no one died by not having a vehicle. Sure, you have to wait around at bus stops and walk a few extra blocks once in a while, but that is not the end of the world (not to mention that you get a little bit of exercise when you can't afford a gym membership). There is also the option of borrowing your roommate's/friend's vehicle if you really need to (just pay for gas though).

When you are in university, it's important to focus on your studies, and not worry about having to work more hours than you can handle just so you can pay for all the expenses that come with a vehicle.

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