Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yana Hempler's tips on how to sell more raffle tickets than anyone

How do you sell raffle tickets and win the top prize for being the #1 fundraiser at your school, group or club?

I am going to tell you how I managed to sell a lot of raffle tickets. I raised over $1000 for the school each time I sold raffle tickets. I was the number one seller each time, all the time. :)
If you follow my simple tips, you too can raise a lot of money and hopefully become the next "King/Queen of sales" :)

First off, you have 3 options to sell tickets. You can sell to your friends, family, or the rest of the population. Your friends and family will be more likely to support you, but going through a rich subdivision door to door or setting up a sale booth outside of a popular place will definitely help you increase your sales.
In fact, selling to the rest of the population of your home town is better and you should definitely focus on that.

When approaching a person about buying raffle tickets, make sure that your "sales pitch" is not too long or else the person will get bored and leave.
1.Have the tickets ready in your hand.
2.Approach the person with a warm smile on your face.
3.Briefly tell the person what the fundraiser is for, info about the prizes, and how much the ticket will cost.
4.Make the sale quickly and move on to the nest person.
Do not get disappointed if someone says "no", because the next person you approach may just buy a full book of tickets.

You can also...
Set up a sales table and make signs. People will be curious to see what is going on, especially if you put your table in a high-traffic area. Make sure that your sign is eye-catching. Always be friendly to people, but don't overdo it.