Monday, May 17, 2010

Yana Hempler Reviews is a resource site for college and university students. It is a site where they can find information on scholarships, awards, cash prizes and grants, which will help them finanace their education.

When signing up for, you are asked to fill out a profile with your interests, work experience, volunteer experience, as well as your intended area of study/career objectives. Other bits of information that you are asked to provide are: contact information, biographical information, parental background, memberships/affiliations, activities, religion, cultural background/heritage, hobbies, important criteria and circumstances, and much more.

The reason you are asked for all the personal and private information is so that you are matched with scholarships that best suit your criteria. Therefore, is much better than many scholarship info sites because it matches you to scholarships on a much deeper level.

Some of the scholarships are available only to people who are of a certain ethnic/religious background or have afilliations with certain clubs. Therefore, it is very important not to leave this information blank.

Here are some tips for using
1. Fill out your profile accurately and completely. Do not leave blanks, because the more honest and detailed you are the higher the chance that you will be matched with a scholarship that you can win because you are eligible.

2. Check often, at least once a month. I missed quite a few scholarship opportunities because I was away from the computer for a while and realized that the deadlines have passed. :( Don't let this happen to you.

3. Check the scholarship deadlines. Sometimes posts expeired scholarships into your "awards inbox", so keep that in mind.

4. Make a printout or a list of scholarships that you have to apply for and their deadlines as well as what you are required to include in your application. For example: are you asked for reference letters from 3 people? do you have to have your official transcripts? etc. Make sure to get those well ahead of the due date, so that you do not put together an application package in a rush and end up missing deadlines or risk having your application rejected because you do not have everything they need.

5. Keep your profile updated. If you got a new hobby/interest: fill it in. If you've changed your career objective: edit your profile, etc. It is very important!

6. Take advantage of the Uthinkonline surveys that forwards to your email. After filling out a survey, you are always entered into a draw where you can win cool prizes, cash money, and much more. Those surveys usually take anywhere between 5-30 min, and ask basic questions about stuff that you are most likely doing anyways. They are easy and who knows, you might get lucky!!

So I definitely suggest that students check out and sign up. My experience with them has been quite good. The site is easy to navigate, well worth it.
Good luck!! :)