Monday, May 30, 2011

To Drive or Not to Drive?

Many students in university LOVE the idea of having their own vehicles to drive. A vehicle offers convenience and the ability to get around without public transit.

However, when you own a vehicle, there are many things that you have to consider:
~The number of people who will be your "friends" so they can get a ride from you for free.

Having a vehicle could cost thousands of dollars per year. You have to ask yourself "Is the convenience and comfort of having my own vehicle worth the price?" If you say "Yes", then more power to you.

Realistically though, no one died by not having a vehicle. Sure, you have to wait around at bus stops and walk a few extra blocks once in a while, but that is not the end of the world (not to mention that you get a little bit of exercise when you can't afford a gym membership). There is also the option of borrowing your roommate's/friend's vehicle if you really need to (just pay for gas though).

When you are in university, it's important to focus on your studies, and not worry about having to work more hours than you can handle just so you can pay for all the expenses that come with a vehicle.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to Find the Right Scholarship for You

Scholarships are amazing because they usually allow a student to write an essay, get some references, and fill out an application form in order to receive money towards their tuition and other university/college expenses.

I would not call scholarships "free and easy money" though, because you, as a student, have worked very hard to be able to qualify for them. It takes effort to apply to scholarships, and well-written and well-thought out applications are usually the ones that get the best results.

Here are a few ways how you can find the right scholarships to apply to. Every high school/college achiever does not qualify for every scholarship out there, so it is best to pick the ones that you have a higher chance of winning.

1. Look at the activities that you have done in high school and college. If you were on the school council, ran the recycling program, played sports, volunteered, did other forms of community service and extra-curricular activities, you may be eligible to apply for scholarships for your participation in such activities.

2. Look at the involvements/background of your family. If your family was in the Rotary Club, or belongs to any special work/volunteer/community organization, there are scholarships associated with that. Ask your family if they were in any community clubs.

3. Talk to people whose job it is to provide you with information about scholarships. For example, your financial aid office at your college/university, your high school counselor, and other student advisers. It is their job to help you succeed, so don't be afraid to walk into their office and ask questions. They like that :)

3.Do some online research. For example google "[Your Desired University Name] + Scholarships" or "Scholarships for [insert activity/club/school/university/college here]. After you find a website that gives you information on scholarships and awards, google "website name + reviews" or "website name+scam" to see if anyone has reported that website to be a scam or information mill. You should not have to pay to join a scholarship site, because after all, the mere access to information regarding scholarships should not cost you money.

A lot of the information was from a website called, as well as from personal experience.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Featuring Aardvark Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Victoria BC

Aardvark has been in business since 1992 and continues to grow every year.Feel free to call and inquire about your own specific needs and pricing at 250-216-1232

Using the Ninja, the worlds most popular carpet cleaning machine, Aardvark follows the guidelines set in "The Standard for Carpet Cleaning",which ensures that your carpets are left in the cleanest condition possible and residue free.

Many companies do not follow these guidelines and attempt to use a plain water rinse only. Water alone cannot rinse your carpets and leaves them in a state of high PH and also leaves in the cleaning agents used, creating the condition where your carpets actually attract residue.

ALWAYS ask your carpet cleaner if they use a instead water, not to do so is considered unprofessional by the industry and is also HARMFUL to the life of your carpets.

A proper rinse neutralizes the cleaning solutions in the fabric, balances the PH (crucial) and conditions the fibers. To not do this is extremely irresponsible and unprofessional and this "style" of cleaning should always be avoided as it can literally ruin your carpet in a very short period of time.

We only use pro grade solutions to treat your carpets and ensuring that they are left with a "soft hand" ,PH balanced and residue free.

All jobs are individually priced because most residences have different needs.
Pet stains and odors
Fabric protection available upon request
NO up selling as we have respect for our customers

You can check out Aardvark's Facebook page and keep up with discounts, deals, and more!!