Tuesday, December 15, 2009

51 Money Making Ideas for University Students

Through my personal experience, as well as the experience of others, I have done a lot of research on ways to make money in university. If you don't want a minimum-wage part-time job since it doesn't fit into your schedule, and you want to make money on your own terms, please read on.

WARNING: Results may vary. Not everyone can do everything, but I can guarantee that there is a way for everyone. Some things require a lot of talent and skill, but other things are trivial and require very little thinking. Even with these ways, you need to put in some time if you want to make money. If you are looking for a guaranteed get-rich quick scheme, this posting is not for you. But, if you are committed, and want to make some pocket money, and possibly more, then keep reading.

Not all of these ways apply to every area, province, country. Be sure to check out bylaws/policies for some of the things, such as raffles, etc.

1.Get good grades and be an active member of the community/school in order to have a chance to apply for and get scholarships

2.Start working while you're in high school and save money to go to university. Put that money into a high-interest savings account

3.Find something you are good at and use it. Examples include: photography, web design, etc.

4.Tutor high school and elementary students (some people make $20 or more per hour)

5.Babysit: you can earn good money from regular gigs.

6.Event Hosting: If you are a social butterfly, you could bring tonnes of people into a club and share in commissions.

7.Collect Bottles: although it does not pay much, it is good quick cash

8.Promo-work: If you love to talk to people and hand out flyers, that's awesome!

9.Life-drawing model: If you are not the typical model material, you can find paid work in art classes (However, you may have to work nude)

10.Create a simple affiliate/link building website: charge people small amounts (like $5/link) to place their permanent link there.

11.If you know a language,become a translator for tourists/new students

12.Sell on EBay: You can buy things cheap in bulk/wholesale and then everything will sell.

13.Paid Surveys: some sites pay you to take product surveys, but you have to be very careful and check a site thoroughly before applying, so you don't get scammed or spammed.

14.Coaching athletics: If you're good at sports, it's awesome.

15.Dog walking: some people pay a lot if they are too lazy to walk their dogs. Imagine if you had 5 people paying you $50/week to walk their dog?

16.Research projects at the university: some studies pay for students to participate

17.Mystery shopper

18.Referee at Intramurals (pays well, esp if you have experience and a certificate)

19.Clean people's houses (some pay very well for you to come in once a week and do a great job)

20.Phone soliciting for commission: some companies pay up to 25% commission on sales/leads

21.Go to sites like craigslist, etc, and look for free things. See if you can then sell them to someone else at a yard/garage sale. Even if you sell something for $1, you will have still made a profit if you got that item free.

22.Medical trials (could sometimes pose a risk to your health though)

23.Become an extra

24.If you have a car/license, you could drive drunk people home at prices that are a little bit cheaper than a cab and still profit

25.Work for the university doing campus tours/be a community leader

26.If you're good at baking, you could sell your baked goods

27.If you live where there is snow, you could shovel people's drive ways

28.Mow people's lawns/do yardwork

29.Go through your things at home and see which clothing items/board game/CDs, etc you don't need and sell them. You'll get rid of your junk, and make some pocket money.

30.Sell your textbooks that you no longer need.

31.Sell other people's stuff (if they want to sell it) and charge commission.

32.Write articles for magazines, if you have some useful expertise in the area they are looking for

33.Share your rent with other people needing a place to live.

34.Do grocery shopping for someone else. Many people don't want to do their grocery shopping. Some are even willing to make a list, give it to you, and then you get all items, and they pay you for going.

35.Wash windows for businesses/private homeowners

36.Get paid to click on people's ads online. Make sure it's legit though.

37.Write articles for eHow.com. If your article is good, you can make a good amount of money.

38.If you have any musical talent, become a street performer

39.You can review music by listening to it on http://www.slicethepie.com/

40.Write a blog on a subject that you are passionate/know a lot about, then you might get advertisers in your niche wanting to place their ad there.

41.Traditional market research by providing reviews on a product.

42. Win some competitions: Bikini contest (if you can), fitness contest/competition, hair styling competition, artwork, local talent contest, etc,enter draws, send in mail entries. If you enter many things, you may be able to win some.

43.Set up a professional ironing business. Seriously, people will pay for it too.

44.House-sitting. Many home owners going on vacation may want someone to keep an eye on their nice house, so they will pay you.

45. Along with house sitting is pet-sitting. Come in, feed the cats/dogs/birds, etc, and leave. Then get paid.

46.Become an interviewer. Some research companies are looking for freelance interviewers to talk to their subjects. So, if you are good with people, this could be great.

47.Advertise on your car. Some companies can pay you a monthly fee to drive around with their ad.

48.Work at election/count votes (some places only get volunteers, so check to make sure they pay if you want money)

49.If you are knowledgeable of a subject matter, write a downloadable e-book and sell it to people who want it.

50.Offer marketing services to Offline businesses.

51.Hold a raffle.You may need licensing.

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